BasqueTravel create and organize group and travel experiences within the Basque Country. We are experienced with incentive trips, events, meetings and studytrips. BasqueTravel has a complete focus on the Basque Country, stretching from Bilbao in the west, Bayonne in the north-east and La Rioja Alavesa in the south. We can proudly say that we are experts on the Basque Country and all it has to offer.

Our services include:

  • Travel Planning & Timetabling
  • Activities & Excursions
  • Access to top Restaurants and Vineyards
  • Venue Finding
  • Transfers
  • Accomodation
  • Guides
  • Ticket reservations
  • Corporate gifts
  • Branding & PR

With our long lasting relationship with the key-people of San Sebastian and Basque Country we can open doors for you that otherwise would have been shut.


Guggenheim Bilbao

Guggenheim Bilbao