BT Group & Events is a San Sebastian based DMC (Basque Tourist Experience Company). We provide all the necessary arrangements for Grouptravel, Incentive trips and Events in the Basque Country.

Since our focus is entirely on this region we can honestly say that this place we know by heart. All the alleys, the old owners, the anonymous “hole-in-the-wall-places that give you a piece of heaven, the wisdom and professionalism that emanate from over 10 years of experience and a profound love for the area.Since our focus is entirely on this region we can honestly say that this place we know by heart.

BT Group & Events stands out from other DMC’s on our complete focus on the Basque Country and because every group and their objectives are dealt with individual.

Our experience holds proof of BasqueTravel as a professional yet fun loving company, in which the wellbeing of our guests and clients is of highest importance.

In 2006 Anders, Asier & Estefania were asked to organize food and architectural study trips for international groups visiting the Basque Country. Since then, clients and guests from over the world have enjoyed San Sebastian and the Basque Country with us.

Asier is a great Basque chef and founded the Basque Museum of Culture. He knows most about the Basque Country.

Estefania has studied and worked with receptive tourism in the Basque Country for the last 12 years and she speaks 5 languages fluently (Basque, Spanish, English, French and Italian)?

Anders, on his first day in San Sebastian he decided to make it his new home (his passions are food & surfing). It has now been 9 years. He holds international experience in project management, event organization and has lived around the world.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian


Asier Arriola


Anders Denne